Empirical Labs EL-9 Mike-E

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EMPIRICAL LABS EL-9 Mike-E, Mikrofonvorverstärker mit integriertem Kompressor.

Mikrofonvorverstärker mit integriertem Kompressor

Der Mike – e ist das erste Gerät von Empirical Labs mit einem Mikrofonpreamp! Der Mike-e ist ein moderner digital gesteuerter Mikrofonpreamp, der mit ungewöhnlichen Features und einem exzellenten Kompressor/Limiter, für einen warmen und seidigen Klang sorgt. Mike-e bietet einen unglaublich leistungsfähigen travosymetrierten Mikrofonpreamp, dessen Eigenrauschen weit unter dem von Mikrofonen liegt. Die einzigartige ConpSat Section bietet eine kompromisslose Kompressor und Bandsättigungs-Schaltung, die es möglich macht den Klang vielfältig zu färben und durch klassische Knee Kompression
zu komprimieren

Die Features des EL-9 Mike-E im Überblick:
  • Super high performance Mic Preamp section with Transformer Input and 74dB of total gain.
  • Super Long Life Gain Switching, 5 dB increments in Preamp section, with output pot for fine resolution gain setting.
  • ‘CompSat’ Section that can not only soft-saturate the peaks of waveforms to warm things up, but also off ers a world class compressor with detented parameter selection.
  • One of a kind Emphasis function - tames high frequency pileups while off ering frequency dependant saturation.
  • High performance High Pass fi lter at 80Hz, 18dB per octave.
  • Built in Instrument Preamp/Direct box – Just plug a guitar or bass, etc.. into the front panel and the unit will auto-sense it.
  • Upgradeable Transformer output option. Three Outputs, including a Class A transformer output to give you an isolated output with the wonderful soft saturation and beefy low end that you get from your favorite vintage gear.
  • Huge ‘DISTRESSOR ’ knobs with high resolution numbering - For easy readability and repeatable settings. They also go to 10 1/2 .
  • A ‘BAD!’ Hard Clip Indicator light – A ‘Bad’ Clip LED that lets user know he is within .5dB of hard clipping.
  • Two CompSat LED indicators - one ‘WARM’ and one ‘TOASTY’ LED, indicating saturation amount.
  • Locked, calibrated output level - Allows speed in setting record and live mix levels.
  • Extremely useful as a mixdown processor, too. Great for fi tting mixes together using the unique CompSat section.
  • No internal connectors, only high reliability parts and military grade switches and relays. All contacts doubled up for maximum reliability.
  • Linkable Compressor section
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