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TC Electronic LM2

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TC Electronic LM2, System zur Messung der Lautheit von Audiosignalen, das die Standards in den USA, Japan und Europa unterstützt.
System zur Messung der Lautheit von Audiosignalen

Mit dem LM2 stellt TC Electronic ein System zur Messung der Lautheit von Audiosignalen vor, das die Standards in den USA, Japan und Europa unterstützt.

Zur weiteren Information folgt der englische Originaltext des Herstellers:
With LM2, you get a full-featured stereo loudness and true-peak level meter which is perfect not only for post, film and live production, but also for broadcast ingest, linking and transmission.

When you need to comply with broadcast standards, the numbers are paramount, and on LM2’s front panel, you can check the all-important digits instantly. For even more loudness details, simply connect LM2 to a PC or Mac via USB and you get full, realtime Radar screen picture using the included Icon application.

Precision Normalization and Meta Data
Global broadcast guidelines now recognize the need for keeping audio transmission easy and predictable; the main facilitators being transparent normalization and fixed metadata. LM2 facilitates precision normalization and optimum use of dialnorm metadata in AC3 transmission in order to avoid level jumps between regular programming and promos or commercials.

Standard Support
LM2 comes pre-loaded with factory presets compliant with new ITU-R BS.1770, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, NABJ, OP-59, BCAP and more guidelines. LM2 is easily field upgradeable* and will keep synchronized with global practices as they refine. Undoubtedly, standards will be updated within LM2's warranty period which is a whopping 5 years.

LM2 always offers a wide variety of 24 bit resolution audio inputs and outputs: AES/EBU, TOS, SPDIF / AES3 id, ADAT and Analog. Analog I/Os are scaled in the analog domain for max utilization of converter dynamic range. Analog inputs may be trimmed at 0.01 dB precision. LM2 may connect via USB to a PC or a Mac for access to the Radar display, Logging, Remote control, Preset management etc.

24/7 Logging
As a standard feature, LM2 comes with hindsight: The radar can show the past 24 hours, but LM2 actually includes so much memory of its own that you can take a detailed look one week back in time, even if it has had no connection to a computer. Dump log files routinely to a PC or to a Mac, import files into graphing templates included, or design your own in Excel, Numbers etc.

Ingest Normalization
The primary application for LM2 is as a loudness meter but it does one more thing very well: Automatic level offset of programs at a no-compromise resolution (48 bit, fixed point). LM2 therefore includes a precison true-peak limiter to avoid output overload when positive gain normalization is required. For fans of speech normalization, allow LM2 to measure some regular dialog and normalize to that. Otherwise, let its relative gate function automatically take care of all sources. Presets are included, the choice is yours.

* PCMCIA SRAM card required (optional)
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