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Bricasti M10 Remote Control

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Die BRICASTI M10 Remote Control kann bis zu vier Hallgeraete M7 steuern.
Die BRICASTI M10 Remote Control kann bis zu vier Hallgeraete M7 steuern.

Bricasti Design Ltd. wurde von den Ex-Lexicon Mitarbeitern Brian Zolnerund Casey Dowdell in USA gegründet. Bricasti hat sich bei diversen Messen weltweit sehr schnell als Geheimtipp etabliert und wurde im Jahr 2007 bei der Musikmesse in Frankfurt als das Messe Highlight gefeiert. Bricasti M7 setzt neue Maßstäbe im Bereich von Hall-Prozessoren, durch neue Bahnbrechende Algorithmen, ein sehr leicht zu bedienendes User-Interface, gepaart mit einem sehr ansprechenden Design würden wir den Bricasti M7 als das neue Referenzmodel im Hall Bereich bezeichnen.

Zur weiteren Information folgt der englische Originaltext des Herstellers:
The new Bricasti Design Model 10 remote console is a dedicated hardware remote controller for use with the M7 stereo reverb processor. Following the same design criteria as the M7, the M10 casing is manufactured and milled from solid anodized aluminum, for an enduring design and long life. The M10 is also designed to be simple to use, and easy to interface; utilizing a standard RS422 serial interface. In application, it can be very useful when using more than one M7 or when there is a need to be more in the sweet spot when making adjustments in a large mixing environment.

Die Features der M10 Remote Control im Überblick:

    • Custom milled solid aluminum casing and buttons, fine finished and anodized for an enduring design and classic look.
    • Controls from 1-8 x M7s
    • Connects to the first M7 via RS422 9pin serial cable, 10 meter cable provided, up to 30 meters that is 480L compatible, simple to install with no practical distance limits, or IP addresses to configure. Longer distances may require an additional power source for the M10.
    • Simple serial ‘loop thru” for connecting more M7s, connect to the first and loop to the second, and third etc.
    • DC Power is supplied from the M7 through the cable, no wall warts, or external supplies.
    • 8 meters, for 4 stereo pairs, metering 4 machines at a time.
    • Machine selection is a by dedicated Machine key in the M10:
      • Press the machine key to “toggle or step though” for 2 x M7 operation.
      • Press machine key and use the Jog wheel to step through the machineso for control of more the 2 x M7s.
      • Press machine key and use the 1-4 keys to directly access any machine, for control of more o the 2 x M7s.
      • Use the “up down keys” to change banks and for metering for control of more the 4 x M7s.
    • Same clear easy to read displays as used in the M7.
    • Same user interface as the M7, with the addition of Machine and Setup keys, so no need to learn something new.
    • Simultaneous control of the M7 from both the M7s front panel and or the M10 with a lock out.
    • Setup key for the M10’s local memory, configurations, and settings.

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